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The Damsel's Tale weaves a story of Dragons and Knights and the treasure that's worth a Kingdom.

This assymetrical hand management game sees two players trying to outwit each other in a game of hide and seek. One player takes on the role of Sir Ivan, a knight tasked with stealing a crown from a fiery cavern.

The crown is guarded by the baby dragon Cinder (the other player) and it’s gigantic, ferocious and protective mother..

Coming Soon - The Brigade Second Edition!

Follow along with the development diaries as we embark on the next chapter in the history of Tinderbox.

Join the action as we plan, playtest and podcast our way to Kickstarter in 2022

Welcome to the Vague World

It all started in the town of Tinderbox, the setting for Red Genies Games first Kickstarter – The Brigade. As it turns out the imagination of the collaborators and backers would not be satisfied with limiting the world to just one town and the lore of the land started to, well expand into what we now know as “the Middenbight”.

Now you will be able to explore the many locations of the Middenbight through the Fool’s Haven series of RPG suppliments and the Vague World Wiki. All games produced by Red Genie Games are set in this world and feature characters and storylines that weave through the different games and history of the Middenbight and beyond.