The Free Traders Guide

The Free Traders Guide is published by the Middenbight Midnight Mail offices in collaboration with several sponsors, including the Bizarre Bazaar, Coldburg Consultants, and the Henchman’s Cabinet. It is primarily written by veteran reporter Aron Quill and its primary purpose is to appraise the reader of the layout of the town, the rights and responsibilities of a Free Trader, and other useful information relevant to the holder of a Free Trader’s License.

Details within the 60 page Free Traders Guide include:

  • A description of your Free Traders License and the rights it grants the bearer.
  • A brief on the city of Fools Haven and its enigmatic Overseer.
  • Descriptions of the six districts of Fools Haven and important places within them.
  • An introduction to the strange legal peculiarities of the Jewel of the Middenbight.
  • A general guide to the Middenbight for those who have come from afar.
  • A description of the currency of the Middenbight.
  • Advice on gaining an agent to help in your adventuring career (what, you expect to hang around in a bar and wait for some wizard to just walk in and offer you a job? Those guys are totally unreliable!).
  • Religions, guilds, festivals, magical towers, and much, much more!