Now Accepting Game Submissions

Red Genie Game is Accepting Games for Publication

Red Genie Games is open to game submissions

You will most likely have a successful game if it follows these criteria:
  • It is at a well tested and playable stage.
  • It does not have to be pretty BUT it does have to be easily understandable.
  • You have a good, well written rules document.
  • It plays with experienced players in under an hour for a big box game
  • It is a medium weight big box game /OR/
  • It is a microgame consisting of less then 35 components in total
  • It can be slotted into a fantasy setting (we have writers for this)
  • You have a video explaining how the game works and its setup AND the video is not longer then 10 minutes.
  • You have a sell sheet highlighting uniqueness, traits and components of your game.

If you have all of the above, please pack it into an email with the following details and send it to

Name / Address / best contact phone number / best contact email address/facebook page

If we like your pitch:

  • We will contact you
  • You will need to send a well made and playable prototype (to Australia).
  • If we can play it in person with you we will try to arrange it.

Best of luck.

Alex & Ben