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  • $15.00

    FIREWATCH mini expansion for The Brigade

    FIREWATCH mini expansion for The Brigade. Includes 8 new Location Tiles and 6 new Crew Member Cards featuring characters and locations from the new Tinderbox Tales games.
  • $49.00

    The Damsel’s Tale

    The Kickstarter Edition of The Damsel's Tale

    1 x Double sided Play board 1 Knight Deck 1 x Baby Dragon Deck 1 x Mama Dragon Deck 1 x Rule Book 1 x Short story Book 5 x Colour Printed Meeples 1 x Book style box in windowed sleeve 4 x Double sided reference cards 8 x Special Dragon Character Cards 8 x Special Knight Character Cards 1 x Handicap Card 1 x Barmaids Tale Cinder Promo Card 13 x Three Player Replacement Cards