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    The Fools Haven Adventure Pack

    The Fools Haven Adventure Pack is a set of supplements and handouts to run roleplaying adventures in the darkly comedic urban fantasy setting of Fools Haven. All materials in this pack are system and edition agnostic so you can use them for the RPG system of your preference. Or even the system that isn't your preference, but you use it because your friends do and getting them to consider anything else is an exercise in futility. In Fools Haven, players take on the roles of Free Traders: adventurers, mercenaries, and entrepreneurs who have abandoned the simple life in favour of one of glory and great reward. But a Free Trader's life is a risky one filled with peril and misfortune, and not every employer cares about the well-being of their Free Trader freelancers. The Fools Haven Adventure Pack consists of:
    •  Fools Haven Free Traders Guide: An A5 zine booklet describing the city, its layout, and its history written by its most veteran reporter, Aron Quill.
    •  Jewel Of The Middenbight: Another A5 zine booklet describing the people and culture of Fools Haven written by the famous socialite and gossip columnist Gilda Gladholme.
    •  Fools Haven Adventures #1: Yet another A5 zine booklet filled with scenarios and missions to challenge the Free Traders of your acquaintance.
    •  Middenbight Midnight Mail: An A3 player handout of the latest newspaper from Fools Haven, filled with potential adventure hooks and story seeds about town.
    • Reference Sheets: Festivals, Street Names and BAWLL results, it's all here in A3 glory!
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